Avoid Interceptions Mastery Course Pt. 2 – Madden 24


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  • Reintroduce the process

  • ‘Precisely Perfect Process’

    • Predict defense
    • Have set plan (read progression #1-4)
    • Read user at snap – Is he running left or right?
    • Shift order of reads if needed based on user defender
    • Use direct line of sight to read spaces in 1 column
      • Stay within 1-2 adjacent columns
      • Use peripheral vision to read spaces in an adjacent column **advanced players
    • Run w/ QB up middle if wrong on prediction or nothing open
  • Film Review Of Members Gameplay vs Random H2H player

  • Gameplay Vs. Meta H2H Player

  • Gameplay Vs. Pro Player 

    • Verbally repeat the 6 steps on every play