Avoid Interceptions Mastery Course – Madden 24


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  • Eliminate 60% of your interceptions by being aware of the 3 destructive dangers of bad offense (even top 5% players commit these)
  • Own the 6 step “Rock Solid Reads” Formula Sheet for intelligently processing your read progressions in 1.5 seconds every play
  • Discover the all-new 9 Spaces System from Madden Genius Manu revealing the importance of you splitting the field into 3 columns
  • Gain the absolute stone-cold confidence to pass 96% of the game WITHOUT throwing more than 1 interception

Meet Manu The Grandmaster Behind “Avoid Interceptions Mastery”

  • Manu is a 3x Professional Madden Champion
  • He’s been one of the worlds best players since he was 13
  • Pros to beginner players hail him as the undisputed best Madden teacher
  • Creator of the infamous “9 Spaces System” that simplifies