Stop Trips TE Mastery Course – Madden 24 Trips TE Defense ***Coming Soon***


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Stop Trips TE Mastery – Madden 24 Trips TE Defense

  1. Uncover the timeless ‘chess grandmaster’ mindset for stopping Trips TE on the fly
  2. Discover the 4 step ‘Trips Termination Trick’ to mind-fuck even top 1% Trips TE spammers
  3. Unlock the fatal flaws of EVERY motion in Trips TE with the all-new visualization secret of the ‘9 Spaces System’


  • Gain the ice-cold confidence to know you’ll crush Trips TE the second you see “opponent is in Trips TE”

Meet Manu – The Grandmaster Behind Stop Trips TE Mastery

  • Manu is a 3x Professional Madden Champion
  • Pros to beginners hail him as the undisputed best Madden teacher
  • He’s the inventor of the ‘9 Spaces System‘ that simplifies Madden’s most complex skills including reads, playcalling, and adjustments