Stop Gun Bunch Course – Madden 24 Gun Bunch Defense ***Coming Soon***


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Stop Gun Bunch Course – Madden 24 Gun Bunch Defense:

  1. Discover the 4 timeless bunch killers that strike MASSIVE fear in 98% of bunch spammers
  2. You’ll unlock the defensive mindset of a Chess Grandmaster for intelligently understanding WHEN to call 1 of the 4 bunch killers
  3. Uncover a groundbreaking strategy for easily visualizing brown bag Bunch adjustments (on your own) with the all-new state-of-the-art 9 Spaces System
    • This’ll finally set you free from feeling you have to blindly copy others or guess on defense to have a prayer at stopping Bunch

Meet Manu – The Grandmaster Behind The Stop Gun Bunch Course:

  • Manu is a 3x Professional Madden Champion
  • Pros to beginner players hail him as the undisputed best Madden teacher
  • He’s the inventor of the “9 Spaces System” that simplifies Madden’s complex skills like reads, playcalling, and adjustments