Beating Zone Blitz Mastery Course – Madden 24


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Beating Zone Blitz Mastery Course – Madden 24:

  1. Own the top 3 timeless concepts for bullying zone blitz spammers including the ‘Steady Triangle’ and ‘Moving Triangle’
  2. Unlock the secret to strategically manipulating your opponents user before the ball is even snapped
  3. Discover the all-new technique for visualizing the field as “4 columns” (and why you’ll ALWAYS have 1 of the 4 columns WIDE open vs zone blitzes)

Meet Manu – The Grandmaster Behind The “Beating Zone Blitz Mastery Course” For Madden 24:

  • Manu is a 3x Professional Madden Champion
  • Pros to beginner players hail him as the undisputed best Madden teacher
  • Inventor of the infamous “9 Spaces System” that simplifies Madden’s most complex skills like reads, playcalling, and adjustments