Say Fuck You To Money Play Spammers

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How Badly Do Madden 24 Ebook Money Play Spammers Enrage You?

Does this ever sound like you?

Madden 24 Money Play Ebook

I CAN’T STAND these 2 play Madden 24 ebook idiots who think they’re good because they spam a broken money play over, and over, and OVER.” 

Madden 24 Ebooks Money Plays

I only lost because this fucking idiot spams Madden 24 ebook blitzes ALLLL game and I launch HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PANIC UNDER PRESSURE INTERCEPTIONS.


Rage Money Play Spammer

“I just did a damn near 10 hour shift…

With customers/co-workers barking at me as if I’m some damn pet 

And I finally escape the anxiety circus at work with every ounce of energy flowing out of me like the Nile river

Hoping I can FINALLY enjoy some time to myself

*Sits down in gaming chair*



Holy FUCK.



*2 days later*

“Well, back to clawing my eyes out over Madden.”

Madden 23 ebook money play

You: “Well let me do the logical thing now and get help.”

*Heads To Youtube*


You: *Quickly realizes Youtube can’t help me vs. anyone with a brain who can adjust*

So what are your options?

If you’re desperately seeking to master the 6 high level skills that separate a good player from a braindead Madden 24 ebook clone…

(Without being spoon fed money plays that won’t work vs. a good player)

Keep reading for a mind-boggling story:

Curious How a 55 Year Old Businessman Dethroned Madden 24 Ebook Spammers In A $270,000 Tourney?

(With The Never Before Seen 9 Spaces System)

Mark Dettling, 55 years old, is your ordinary everyday businessman.

(Or at least that’s what the guys at work might think)

He works a grueling 80 hour work week attending to his small business based out of Bismarck, North Dakota.

But late nights…

Out comes the ‘rage maniac’ – a name his embarrassed wife labeled him with.

Mark after "one of those" Madden games

But only you would understand though.

That Madden rage is DIFFERENT.

So why didn’t Mark just stop playing?

It’s the same reason you won’t.

Every Sunday – Mark’s ass is married to his couch for the 10 hour NFL marathon. 

And please for the love of God don’t get him started on his Minnesota Vikings.

He’d talk you into that massive ass dent in his wall above. 

Look, you and Mark are football superfans for life.

As much as we’d like to believe we can drop Madden at any time…

It’s the ultimate love-hate relationship.

You agree?

And the only way to truly immerse ourselves into the game we grew up loving.

No matter how many times Mark hulk-smashed his controller into his wall…

Madden him hooked by the balls.

(And even if you aren’t that extreme – they got you too)

And obviously Mark didn’t want to be a ‘rage maniac’…

After a 10 hour shift from the absolute depths of hell…

Once you finally have just a fraction of ‘quiet time’ to yourself once ~10 o-clock strikes…

Your kids are settled down, wife/gf is downstairs winding down…

Wouldn’t you love to peacefully slide into your gaming chair and block off the ENTIRE outside world?

Block off the immense stress that is cheerfully lifted off your shoulders once you hear that awe-inspiring beep *system on*.

 And know with stone-cold absolute certainty that the next cruel money play spammer you loaded in with was guaranteed to get his shit kicked in for a pleasing 45 minutes. 

That was Mark’s secret desire.

Unfortunately, every other “solution” out there dug him deeper into the dark lonely whispers of hopelessness. 

It’s no secret that  Madden 24 e-books and Youtube disable your ability to think and create for yourself.


But even worse…

They sabotage any glimmer of hope you have of being a well-respected, often complimented, competitive player.

Mark suffered for 20+ years because he wasn’t aware. 

That’s when me and Mark finally crossed paths. 

And he discovered the magic of the “9 Spaces System”.

It’s not an e-book.

It’s not a list of useless money or glitch plays that won’t work vs. someone with a brain. 

It’s not a system that thinks for you.

Stop reading if that’s what you’re searching for. 

Even after 2 full decades of senseless brutal beatings and not the world’s tiniest ounce of hope…

Once Mark found out how the ‘9 Spaces System’ worked…

Once he discovered his age and real-world responsibilities wouldn’t hold him back with this system…

(It would actually empower him instead)

Mark’s secret desire grew to astronomical levels.

He didn’t just want to smash the ever living shit out of money play spammers…

He wanted to proof he could compete against the top money play spammers

(Even while only having 5 hours of free time to play Madden per week)

So on Auguest 29th, 2021 Mark officially started his journey within the ‘9 Spaces System’.

With his eyes set for the grand $270,000 “Last Chance Qualifier” tourney on January 12th, 2022.

And boy oh boy would this tourney have ALL the heavy hitting KILLERS.

(including me)

I’m a 3x Professional Madden Champion myself that’s why Mark came to me in the 1st place. 

Manu, Owner Of Madden Academy, on pace for his 3rd professional title

He knew I wasn’t another one of those click-bait Youtubers with 0 credibility on how competitive Madden was played.

But what you wouldn’t believe is the response me and Mark got when I announced…

Mark Dettling, 55 years old, member of The Madden Academy, will officially be competing in “The Last Chance Qualifier.”

Imagine being stranded at center field in Cowboys Stadium with 80,000 fans pointing and laughing hysterically at you for 3 hours non-stop.

That’s the treatment Mark got.

Besides me…

NO ONE – not even his wife took him serious.

His wife always told him “Madden was a time waster.”

All she saw were the broken controllers and walls.

Not his deep secretive desire to be someone…

To be recognized as THAT competitive player whom even the biggest baddest goons knew was no push-over.

But come Janurary 12th, 2022…

Mark representing us – the ‘strategic thinkers’…


Well actually, I’ll let Mark himself finish the story: 

And remember:

5,483,334 people played Madden 23.

So Mark ranked higher than 5,483,124 players at 55 years old.

(Or 99.996% of players)

And chances are you aren’t 55 working 80 hour weeks.

So just imagine what’s possible for you…

But there’s something even more amazing…

Wanna See The True Magic Of The 9 Spaces System?

Here Are 20 Heavy-Hitting Success Stories (No Madden 24 Ebook Involved):

As you can see…

It doesn’t matter:

  1. Who you are
  2. What your background is
  3. What mode you play
  4. What team you use
  5. What playbooks you run

With the 9 Spaces System – it doesn’t even matter if you’re playing Madden 15 on the ps3 or Madden 23.

Something as timeless and unique as this could easily cost you $999.

(Considering $25 Madden 24 ebooks that go out of date every month AND don’t even teach Madden would cost you $3000 over 10 years)

Now I’m sure you’re asking…

“How is the 9 Spaces System that powerful?”

“How does it really work?”

“And what would it cost me?”

You finally ready to absorb all the juicy details of the groundbreaking 9 Spaces System?

It can be all yours to keep for FREE in the next 15 seconds…

The video will be delivered directly to your email inbox IMMEDIATELY.

All you have to do is say “maybe” and click “Reveal 9 Spaces System Free” below now.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Need A Supportive Crew To Bounce Ideas Off Of?

The Madden Academy Discord Is Your New Home To Find Practice Partners and Ask Questions

We welcome you to join our community with over 335+ family-like members. Ask about how “The 9 Spaces System” has transformed their game.

Manu, The Grandmaster Of “The 9 Spaces System”, has written 143 hard-hitting Madden gameplay help articles chalk full of actionable advice for YOUR game.

No, seriously… The Madden Academy Discord Community will be there to answer your burning hot questions 24/7 and are readily available for practice games. 

If You're An Aspiring Competitive Player Who Works 40-80 Hour Weeks:

Discover The 6 Skills You Need To Be A Good Independent Madden Player For a LIFETIME

Without Memorizing Madden 24 Ebook Money Plays That'll Expire In 2 Weeks

Dear Aspiring Competitive Player,

Imagine If…

 1. You were so strategically brillant that 2 play ebook spamming morons had NO choice but to quit or call different plays vs. you

2. You had the stone cold confidence to amass 330+ yards 4 TDs and 0 picks CONSISTENTLY vs. blitz spammers

3. You possessed ‘chess grandmaster’ intelligence to drastically out-think your rivals who think they’re hot sh*t

So how’s this all possible?

You don’t need to take my word for any of it.

I’ll allow Madden Academy Member, Mark Dettling to explain:

How A 55 Year Old Businessman (Who Barely Knew The Controls) Leapfrogged 99.99996% Of Money Play Spammers In 4 Months

For perspective:

The Last Chance Qualifier Is a $250,000 MCS Tourney with all the world’s top players including me.

And there’s 5,483,334 Madden players and COUNTING.

So Mark at 55 years old working 80 hour weeks…

Ranked above 99.99996% of players.

At 55! Freaking amazing, right?

So just imagine what’s possible for you…

But there’s something even more amazing…

These traits USED to be exclusive to only 8 top players UNTIL 3x Pro Champion Manu released his…

Never Before Seen... "9 Spaces System"

The 9 Spaces System Is Jam Packed Into The 16 Week Seminar With 22 Hours Of Kick-Ass High Level Strategies 

(That’s the same time it’d take you to binge watch your favorite Netflix show for 30 episodes)

Manu Will Reveal The 6 High Level Skills That’ll Drastically Separate You From The Youtube Ebook Clones All in 1 Interconnected System

So in 16 weeks you’ll transform into a skilled strategic savage that 2 play idiots FEAR like the plague

Imagine this… (No Madden 24 ebooks involved)

You finally arrive home from an exhausting 10 hour hell on earth work day…

(Where you slaved your ass off for some boss who probably doesn’t give a single fuck about you)

Now all you wanna do is peacefully slide into your gaming chair, play some Madden, and escape the mind-pounding real life stress.

But first game you load is up vs. some room temp IQ money play spamming moron who jacked off to the latest…

“GLITCH EVERY DEFENSE FOR A TD” trending video on Youtube.

And you know damn well if you just stop his 2 money plays – he’ll quit out because he has the strategic prowess of a dead person.

Problem is you’re way too damn busy with real life responsbilities to be spending your down time monitoring the latest meta tactics on Madden. 

And the last clown on Youtube wasted your time with a 22 minute video Madden 24 ebook to say a bunch of nothing

(As 99.99% will have the same Madden credentials as the guy who picked up Madden yesterday)

But imagine if…

In less time that it’d take you to blink…

You could simply whip out your phone, open an app, and say “hey coach how do I stop…”

(Yes a literal 2 second process)

And receive lightning fast strategic guidance from a 3x Pro Champion ‘Manu’?

So you can absolutely man-handle that braindead money play spamming moron into submission.

(Who had the audacity to talk that shit thinking they were good for spamming 2 plays)

Now I’m sure you’re thinking…

“Is this real?” “Can I see this action?” 

Get Coaching MID-GAME From Me, 3x Madden Champ, "Manu" Vs. ANY Money Play Spam In Under 3 Seconds

Madden 24 ebook
Madden 24 Ebook

Pretty damn sick, right?

Here’s how to know if this app is for you:

  1. Do you hate money play spammers?
  2. Have you downloaded an app off the app store before?
  3. Have you spoke the English language before?

If you said yes to all 3… you’re overly qualified to use this app.

Look I have ZERO tech savvy. It’s a miracle I can even get on my computer consistently.

This is app is so drop dead simple to use our parents would look like master technologists on it.

It’s like using Siri but for Madden.

Simple enough, right?

And finally after $117,489 invested…

And 3 long fought years from conceptualizing the idea of the app to extensive technical development…

This breakthrough money play crushing app is finally available to you.

And considering…

1. Offering IN-GAME strategic guidance from a 3x Madden Champ for the 1st time ever in Madden history

2. The massive overhead costs amounting to $117,489 and counting

3. The complex technical process that took precisely 221 days to bring this to fruition 

I could easily charge you $1,599 for the app alone.

Madden 24 Review
Madden 24 Ebook

But I’m gonna cut you quite a deal…

And you’d think this gamechanging app alone would be enough…

But that’s not even close to everything you’ll receive in your Madden Academy Membership…

The app is your quick-hit emergency fix for WHAT to do in a game…

There’s 6 high level skills that Madden 24 Ebooks Don’t Teach:

1. Strategically leveraging the 15 building blocks of comp-level schemes to design your own scheme from scratch

2. Intelligently processing/reading a defense in under 2 seconds with the ‘9 Spaces’

3. Mastering WHEN and WHY to call a certain play over the other

4. Anticipating your opponent’s future playcalls based on unique playcalling patterns

5. Crafting your own killer on-the-fly adjustments even vs. the most relentless spammers

6. Sharply maneuvering the 9 common ‘clock management’ scenarios to secure 85%+ of 1 possession games

These 6 skills require slow methodical deep thought to master as its what separates top players like me from copycat ebook spammers

That’s why I’m including this kick-ass add on for you in the Madden Academy Membership…

Your Free Bonus: The 16 Week Skills Seminar

($1,584 If Bought Separately)

Week 1- Beginner Offensive Mastery Course

  • How you’ll unleash the superpowers of 30+ controls
  • When to intelligently utilize the 3 different catch buttons to eliminate 30% of your interceptions
  • The 7 Deadly Controls You MUST Avoid Like The Plague
  • Why 80%+ of the ‘control concepts’ are falsely misleading you
  • The pros/cons of ALL 45 controls so your button clicks are strategically sound and smart

Week 2- Reading Defense Mastery Course

  • Unlock the groundbreaking “Doctor Diagnosis” mindset for accurately reading a defense (before the snap) 89% of the time
  • Discover the 4 deadly sins for pre-snap reads that 98% of Madden players unknowingly commit
  • Develop a psychic Tom Brady like 6th sense to CONSISTENTLY pick apart man defense for 330+ yards
  • Learn the invisible pre-snap tell to precisely identify the EXACT zone defense you’re opponent is in
  • Gain absolute stone-cold confidence in your reads to eliminate 60% of your game killing interceptions

Week 3- Offensive Scheme Mastery Course

  • Discover the top 15 timeless route concepts from Madden genius “Manu” to craft your unique offensive scheme around
  • Unlock the 5 “9 Spaces System Statutes” to strategically guide you in your play creation
  • 3x Madden Champion Manu reveals the 1 golden rule holding you back from the top 1% of players

Your Top 3 Playbooks For This Offensive Scheme Course:

  1. Saints
  2. Colts
  3. Patriots

Week 4- Avoid Interceptions Mastery Course Pt. 1

  • Eliminate 60% of your interceptions by being aware of the 3 destructive dangers of bad offense (even top 5% players commit these)
  • Own the 6 step “Rock Solid Reads” Formula Sheet for intelligently processing your read progressions in 1.5 seconds every play
  • Discover the all-new 9 Spaces System from Madden Genius Manu revealing the importance of you splitting the field into 3 columns
  • Gain the absolute stone-cold confidence to pass 96% of the game WITHOUT throwing more than 1 interception

Week 5- Avoid Interceptions Mastery Course Pt. 2

  • Learn the highly classified secret to get sacked way less and buy a full extra second in the pocket
  • The “Impossible Pocket Presence Perfection Challenge” is a fun yet intense series of drills that lets you measure how much your pocket has improved

Week 6- Beat Man Blitzes Mastery Course

  • Discover how to strategically manipulate your opponent into blowing a coverage in “1 of the 3 columns
  • Learn how you’ll intelligently ‘isolate deep routes’ (without ANY glitch) to create your drop dead easy 1 play touchdown machine
  • Unlock the Madden equivalent of “Jab, Jab, Right Hook” to greatly overpower even the most ruthless man blitz spammers
  1. Why it’s a criminal felony to NOT have your halfback and tight end on the same side in Madden

Week 7- Beating Zone Blitz Mastery Course

  • Own the top 3 timeless concepts for bullying zone blitz spammers including the ‘Steady Triangle’ and ‘Moving Triangle’
  • Unlock the secret to strategically manipulating your opponents user before the ball is even snapped
  • Discover the all-new technique for visualizing the field as “4 columns” (and why you’ll ALWAYS have 1 of the 4 columns WIDE open vs zone blitzes)

Week 8- Offensive Chess Match Mastery Course

  • Own the golden 3 questions to strategically guide you in your playcalling decisions
  • Learn how to intelligently think through offense instead of guessing as to why to pick certain plays over others

Week 9- Beginners Defense Mastery Course

  • Discover how you’ll unleash the hidden superpowers of all 29 defensive controls
  • Learn the 7 broken controls you’re leveraging that’ll demolish any glimmer of hope you have at a defensive stop
  • Unlock why 79% of the defensive controls are falsely misleading causing you those “FUCK THIS FAKE ASS FOOTBALL GAME” moments
  • Own the Pros/Cons Defensive Control Blueprint so you’re confident your button clicks are strategically sound and smart

Week 10- Base Coverage Mastery Course

  • Discover how the all-new 9 Spaces System will reveal the strengths/weakness of EVERY coverage shell you run
    • So you’ll build the strategic savvy to intelligently understand when to call one specific coverage over the other
  • Learn the hidden strengths and weaknesses of the top 5 formations in Madden from a 3x Madden Champion
    • 96% of Madden players don’t see the invisible KILLERS of a 34 defense vs. 5 Db’s
  • Unlock the secrets behind when and why to call man over zone and visa verse
    • You’ll finally gain the absolute stone-cold confidence to adjust strategically and successfully on your own vs even the most toxic money play spammers
  • Own the beautiful 9 Spaces System cheat sheet revealing the pros and cons of every defense in a drop dead easy to follow visual format

Week 11- Defensive Chess Match Mastery Course

  • Become a master of intelligently understanding when/why/how to adjust on your own with the all-new 9 Spaces System
  • Unlock the golden 3 step ‘9 Spaces’ formula to strategically guide you in your playcalling EVERY play
  • Gain the cold-blooded confidence to know you’ll strategically overpower 98% of 1-2 play Youtube spamming idiots

Week 12- Run Defense Mastery Course

  • Discover the principles behind why 8 of the 11 zones in Madden NEVER react or stop run plays (avoid these like the plague)
  • Learn the “+1 Matchup Rule” that’ll demolish 97% of runs including stretches and HB dives
  • Unlock the advanced secret for stonewalling EVERY run for -2 yards with only 3 key adjustments

Week 13- Gun Bunch Defense Mastery Course

***Coming Soon***

  1. Discover the 4 timeless bunch killers that strike MASSIVE fear in 98% of bunch spammers
  2. You’ll unlock the defensive mindset of a Chess Grandmaster for intelligently understanding WHEN to call 1 of the 4 bunch killers
  3. Uncover a groundbreaking strategy for easily visualizing brown bag Bunch adjustments (on your own) with the all-new state-of-the-art 9 Spaces System
    • This’ll finally set you free from feeling you have to blindly copy others or guess on defense to have a prayer at stopping Bunch

Week 14-Trips TE Defense Mastery Course

***Coming Soon***

  • Uncover the timeless ‘chess grandmaster’ mindset for stopping Trips TE on the fly
  • Discover the 4 step ‘Trips Termination Trick’ to mind-fuck even top 1% Trips TE spammers
  • Unlock the fatal flaws of EVERY motion in Trips TE with the all-new visualization secret of the ‘9 Spaces System’
  • Gain the ice-cold confidence to know you’ll crush Trips TE the second you see “opponent is in Trips TE”

Additional Bonus #1- 9 Spaces System Written Summary ($99 Value)

Own an exclusive state-of-the-art ‘9 Spaces’ printable pdf that summarizes 12 years of Manu’s Madden Genius into 12 timeless principles that’ll supercharge YOUR scheme and thought process regardless of what team or mode you play. ***NOT sold separately***

Additional Bonus #2- The 39 '9 Spaces' Friendly Formation Blueprint ($99 Value)

Discover the 39 formations that are ‘9 Spaces’ friendly from the 22 ‘9 Spaces’ friendly playbooks. (You’d be SHOCKED as to what playbooks and formations are setting you up for eternal failure)

Additional Bonus #3 - Lifelong TMA Community Access ***Priceless***

Network and knowledge swipe from our 932+ strategic minded members and counting. 

Many form lifelong friendships and crews knowing it’s not just what you know but who you know to drastically advance your Madden status.

And TMA is absolutely stacked with 7 Top 500 MCS players available for you to team up with. 

Additional Bonus #4 - Content Updates Included

As you know the money play promoters and spammers are constantly evolving.

That’s why Manu continually updates the app with the freshest strategic counters for new META’s. 

So you can continually crush the kids who think they just found an edge with the 7 hours ago…


Madden 24 Ebook

Everything You’ll Receive in Your Madden Academy Membership:

  • The Groundbreaking On-Demand Money Play Crushing Mobile App ($1,599 Value)
  • The 16 Week Seminar With All Courses Included ($1584 Value)
  • Your Personal 16 Week Training Plan ($99 Value)
  • Manu’s 9 Spaces System Cheat Sheet ($99 Value)
  • The 39 ‘9 Spaces’ Friendly Formation Blueprint ($69 Value)
  • All Madden 24 Content Updates ($49 Value)
  • Lifelong Access To The Madden Academy Community (Priceless)

Total Value: $3,499

I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision in your Madden Academy investment. To do that, you need to be on the inside, not the outside.


You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it so I don’t expect you to invest in us without a “test-drive”. I have invested $113,400 and over 10,000 hours of my time to ensure I created the best possible systems and experience for you BUT only YOU can determine its value to you.


For any reason whatsoever, if you aren’t happy with your investment you can reach out and say “Give me my money back.” I will personally reach out to you within 24 hours to process your refund.


I am very confident though, based on the tremendous feedback from our 208 members last year, that our programs will enhance your schemes overnight, double your wins in 30 days, and benefit you for a lifetime.

- Manu, Co-Founder Of The Madden Academy

You Aren’t Alone If You Are Still Skeptical…

"Why Is The Price So Steep???”

You wouldn't be the 1st person to jump out your seat after gazing only at the price

Yo you taking the red or blue pill?

Red pill: You pay $10 a month for Madden 24 ebooks that expire like a cartoon of milk after 10 days. 

So you’re left stranded until the new Madden 24 ebook drops as if you’re some dog waiting on his servant for food. 

You may even receive a fake confidence boost…


(Just hope you don’t play someone with a brain who can adjust, right?)

Now they’ve entrapped you into throwing away $999 over 10 years because you feel it’s your only hope for winning a couple more games.

Madden 24 Ebook prices will be so damn low to hook you initially then hope you grow dependent on the creators money plays long-term

WITHOUT solving any of your major problems

Like how Big Pharma doesn’t care about curing diseases so they can suck your money up monthly with pills that reduce pain but don’t cure sh*t

Sound familiar?

Then there’s…

Blue Pill (The Good Guys): Yes, we’re a more considerable investment UP-FRONT…

But imagine how much you’d save long term…

Over a 10 year period you’d save $600 (compared to cancerous ebooks) because we’re here to CURE your throbbing pain once and for all

You see many of our members like Ag3nt_P…

(Who’s knocked off TOP players in the world in tournaments after TMA)

Invest one time and are DONE.

Ag3nt was a member last year and is STILL experiencing the transformative powers of…

~~~Manu’s 9 Spaces System~~~


-The Principles Of EFFECTIVE Scheme Creation

-Laser-focused reads

-The Playcalling Chess Match

-Killer On-The-Fly Adjustments


-Clock Management

And MANY more high-level skills NEVER change.

That’s why you always see the same players at the top.

But the best part…

These skills are 100% learnable.

However you’ll need a worldclass player AND teacher to guide you.

(Or risk 20 years of your life doing practically EVERYTHING wrong)

Now keep reading to discover who your legendary instructor is…

Have You Met The Inventor Of The Money Play Crushing App, Manu?

Dear Future Student, 

Yes I’m the inventor behind the money play crushing app that’s a highly-accurate replica of my unique thoughts.

Incase you and me haven’t met though…

You can call me Manu (my friends growing up always said I looked like Manu Ginobili the NBA player haha).

Not only am I a 3x Professional Carolina Panthers Club Champion…

(Accumulating $32,760 in prize earnings from that tournament alone)

I’m known to be one of the most skilled players to ever play Madden.

Many consider me to be top 5 in the world on offense and/or defense.

I always had a sick obsession with stacking on as many high-level skills as possible.

Because once you reach the competitive level…

Many will pride themselves on being very good in only 1 area…

So I was always motivated to differentiate myself by excelling in several areas. 

Therefore I’ll focus you on 6 key skills over 16 weeks:

-Comp-Level Gameplanning

-Clock Management

-Reads Under Pressure

-Visualization Of The Defense 

– Chess-Like Anticipation

-On-The-Fly Adjustments

(All simplified and connected with the 9 Spaces System so you don’t experience information overload)

But why else should you learn these skills from me?…

See I’m not just another “highly skilled player” who steals everyone else’s ideas and schemes.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

When it comes to scheme building…

I see opportunities, trends, and patterns that others can’t.

(Also applies to in-game scenarios)

And I don’t say this to brag but you need to know who you’re investing in, right?

Because I want you to see what everyone else can’t.

So you don’t have to bow down to some ‘master’ anymore for comp-level schemes.

YOU’LL be the trendsetter that everyone looks up to for killer strategic schemes.

You won’t find anyone else in Madden history that has had more influence over COMPETITIVE level offenses and defenses than me.

And it was all because of the visual system I’ve used.

Now it can finally be yours.

With my 9 Spaces System – you’ll see a world you NEVER saw before…

Allowing you to see metas… before they happen AND create your own meta. 

But it gets even better…

Look I realize NOTHING I said above matters if I can’t communicate it to you simply.

Of the 8 players who are just as skilled as me…

They can’t teach for sh*t and they won’t deny that.

If you were to ask top players about Madden strategy and how to get better…

You would get 1 of 3 responses:

  1. “Just adjust”
  2. “Just run meta”
  3. “Just play more”

Then you’ll have people who can teach but will:

  1. Have major processing difficulties vs. advanced defenses like hybrid 
  2. Will struggle GREATLY vs. the blitz themselves and advise you to just “run PA or run the ball”
  3. Won’t be able to think past their money plays

I’m the ONLY true top player with groundbreaking original insights AND most importantly…

can teach you them with everyday 3rd grade language.

So if you want the ABSOLUTE best – that’s what you get here.

And best believe we’ll crush some popular Madden myth’s together…

If you’re still processing defenses by reading an outside CB or safety…

You’re YEARS behind.

Like I said – you’ll basically be learning a whole new language for high-level Madden here…

Now I’m sure you’re curious if The Madden Academy will truly work for you…

"Will The Madden Academy Work For Me?"

Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks

"But Will The Madden Academy Take Me From Good To Great?"

Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks

How Your 16 Week Journey To Becoming A Skilled Strategic Savage Will Look...

You're 87 Seconds Away From Starting

1. Choose Your Preferred Package:

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive IMMEDIATE access to ALL of your courses in our “members area” at the top right of the site. 

2. Invest Only 5 Hours Per Week For 16 Weeks

Madden 24 Tips And Tricks

Watch 60-90 minutes of material from 1 course per week.

Spend your next ~3 hours (per week) applying the ‘9 Spaces System’ in games.

Ask questions in our community. 

3. Enjoy Your Transformation Into A Skilled Strategic Savage

Most of our 527 members like “IcyDuke” have consuming lives outside of Madden including full-time jobs and significant others.

Just put your 5 hours of hard work in per week and I guarantee after the 12 weeks

When you slide into your gaming chair late-night to escape the anxiety demons from that hell on earth work day…

You’ll have personally developed absolute Floyd Mayweather like stone-cold confidence to completely torture any braindead 2 money play spamming idiot STRATEGICALLY. 

The '9 Spaces' Is For YOU If...

1. You're A Strategic Thinker

You’re a deep thinker who seeks a full-blown understanding of the pros and cons of every strategy for every situation.

So you can intelligently decide when to leverage a certain play or adjustment over the other(s).

2. You're A Proud Rebel

Madden 24 Tips And Tricks

You find joy in beating up on ‘meta’ spammers who dick ride their favorite Youtuber for their Madden 24 ebooks.

As you’re someone who actually has pride and runs your own unique scheme that you created. 

You don’t let ANYONE tell you what to run because you have a mind of your own.

3. You're Creative

I don’t tell you what to run.

With the ‘9 Spaces System’ – you’re the artist here.

I simply give you the proper tools so you can create your own masterpiece of a scheme.

This’ll finally allow you to be an often-complimented trendsetter that the Youtube dickriders look up to for schemes.  

WARNING: This is a DENSE and detailed college-like curriculum. The ‘9 Spaces’ will challenge you to think strategically.

This is NOT for you if you’re expecting the “HERE’S 13 MONEY PLAYS – RUN THESE AND YOU’LL WIN 100% OF YOUR GAMES” type bullshit that you can casually breeze through in 15 minutes.

"This All Sounds Good But I Don't Have Time Right Now"

Discover How A 55-Year-Old CEO (Who Runs A Top 80 Remodeling Empire In The Entire Country)
Ranked Above 98% Of Players In A $120,360 Professional Tournament

"With my work schedule, I'd be lucky to play 5 hours of Madden a week.

Plus at my age, I thought it was impossible to be a comp madden player.

My only glimmer of hope before was vs. bottom 10% players.

I'd even get my ass kicked by friends who played casually.

Then I finally came across Manu's 9 Spaces System.

In only 3 months, I mastered it and it shot me above 98% of players in a $120,360 professional tournament!"
Mark Dettling
CEO of LeinGang
24-Year Madden Vet

"What Makes The Madden Academy Different From The Typical Madden 24 Ebooks?"

Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks
Madden 24 Tips And Tricks

Did You Know The Youtube Sensation TDBarrett Was A TMA Student?

Incase You Still Don't Believe I'm The Real Deal...

I Was The Co-Star For A Madden Documentary On The CW

“Hmm... I Need Time To Think About It"

Here are the fatal consequences if you procrastinate, keep making excuses for yourself, and don’t take action NOW

You will continue to get the urge to break everything in sight when “mouthbreather278” abuses you with the same money play for the 24678th play in a row because adjusting seems as foreign of a concept as learning German.

You will continue be to unsure on how to CORRECTLY read a defense and playcalling causing you A LOT of “fuck this stupid ass game system off pick 6’s.”

You will continue to be confused as to how one day you feel you can walk on water then the next day you are debating slapboxing your wall because you just got railed for 4 straight games.

Is it worth spending your downtime raging at a game that is supposed to be fun?

Imagine how different your life would be if Madden was your safe haven from real life stress instead of inflating your stress levels.

You are 87 seconds away from receiving immediate access to the 16 Week Seminar by clicking 1 of 3 options below

My 3 Bat-Shit Crazy Guarantees To You

I'm taking ALL the pressure off you

  1. After the 16 weeks… If you don’t feel like you transformed into a confident cold-blooded competitive player (or aren’t pleased for ANY reason) i’ll promptly and cheerfully refund you the amount you paid within 24 hours and we’ll still be friends.

2. I’ll let you keep the jam-packed 1,367 minutes of pure Madden intelligence that’s worth $1,198  (EVEN after refunding your money)

3. OR… Instead of a refund… I’ll personally review and analyze your game film until you undoubtedly feel you’re a not to be fucked with competitive guy

Now I'm Sure You're Wondering...

How Can I Offer You Such Bat Shit Crazy Guarantees?

Have you ever wondered how e-books claim we’re the best this or that…

Then you get to the end of their sales page…

Oh and btw “we’re too afraid to back our $20 product”

Hmm I wonder why…

Look I don’t need to claim we’re the best.

You saw the 32 glowing testimonials above. 

(And those are just a FEW of the raving reviews we have)

You’d be shocked how many use fake testimonials too which is why I took screenshots with date and time stamped. 

After spending precisely 178 days for 5 hours a day strategizing the world’s most robust comprehensive Madden system…

Strategically placing 101 original lessons from most fundamental to most advanced…

And receiving ENDLESS floods of overwhelming delighted feedback…

I can with the up-most confidence guarantee you’ll transform into a confident cold-blooded competitive player by the end of the 3 months.

And absolute worst-case scenario – you don’t pay a single penny (AND keep the courses anyways).

Does that sound fair enough? 

Here's A Recap Of Everything You'll Receive In Your Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Madden Academy's very own, Manu, reveals his "9 Spaces System" for reading defenses and adjusting which applies to EVERY Madden and system.


So whether you play with your hometown team on ps4 regs or play MUT on next gen xbox, you'll receive an on-slaughter of timeless gems (171 lessons with bonuses included).

100%. We let one of our members, Mark Dettling, beta-test the new courses (you can find him in our discord). He said “Manu I love this, I think I just learned more than I have from you in 2 years.” Manu's all-new 9 Spaces System is easy for you to apply to ANY game situation (offense or defense).

Yes, if you sign up in time, you'll own 1,948 minutes of timeless heavy-hitting video content that'll satisfy you for a lifetime. (735 minutes without bonus courses)

  1. Invest in your program of choice
  2. Receive instant access
  3. Your newly owned mastermind courses will be in "members area login"

A $25 ebook "teaches" you money plays that last 2 weeks before the meta changes. Imagine how much it would cost you to keep pace with the meta over the next 500 weeks. Worst part is you'd waste all that money to not even strategically learn Madden. Manu's timeless 9 spaces system (injected into 101 lessons) gift-wraps all the skills and thought systems you need to satisfy you for a lifetime. 

We only ask you to invest 3 hours of your downtime every week. 177 of our 208 members last year worked full-time jobs. 

93% of our 208 members from Madden 22 doubled their wins and all reported feeling more confident, consistent, and happier while playing. This includes members in their 50’s. We are so confident the courses will provide transformative results for you that we offer a rock-solid 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Manu and his star-studded team of community leaders are available nearly 24/7 to answer all of your burning hot questions in our 470+ member discord community (you'll have access to this in your members area). 

Most of our members form crews and friendships outside of Madden Academy. We have a "find-a-lab-partner" tab in our discord so you can track down a peer on the same console and game mode as you.

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Here is the 9 step fundamental process that happens in 9 seconds in competitive Madden that 99% don’t see:

1) Read each single defender on the defense pre-snap.

2) Read 3-5 defenders mid-play

3) Maneuver in the pocket to avoid pass rush while keeping eyes downfield

4) Visualize the coverage shell post play

5) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of previous coverage shell

6) Factor in all the defense’s previous playcalls to recognize any patterns

7) Factor in the play clock for playcalling

8) Anticipate the defense’s next play using the steps above

9) Recall conceptually how to attack the defense I predict them to call.

The money plays that you see on Youtube or ebooks are only the end product of that process.

It is why money play spammers get crushed when they play someone who knows the fundamentals.

In The Ultimate Madden Training Camp, world-class player AND coach, Manu will train you (through on-demand videos) on the basic fundamentals first, then slowly progresses you to intermediate and advanced concepts.

The training camp has helped 173 Madden veterans and beginners enhance their own schemes overnight, double their wins in 30 days, and are owners of fundamental knowledge that translates to EVERY Madden.

Become an owner now of the 12 fundamentals.

Product Description: Instead of being told what to run by E-books or Youtube, what if you were taught how to strategically think for yourself in Madden?

Here is the 9 step fundamental process that happens in 9 seconds in competitive Madden that 99% don’t see:

1) Read each single defender on the defense pre-snap.

2) Read 3-5 defenders mid-play

3) Maneuver in pocket to avoid pass rush while keeping eyes down field

4) Visualize the coverage shell post play

5) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of previous coverage shell

6) Factor in all the defenses previous playcalls to recognize any patterns

7) Factor in the playclock for playcalling

8) Anticipate the defenses next play using the steps above

9) Recall conceptually how to attack the defense I predict them to call.

The money plays that you see on Youtube or ebooks are only the end product of that process.

It is why money play spammers get crushed when they play someone who knows the fundamentals.

In The Ultimate Madden Training Camp, world-class player AND coach, Manu, trains you (through on demand videos) on the basic fundamentals first, then slowly progresses you to intermediate and advanced concepts.

The training camp has helped 173 Madden veterans and beginners enhance their own schemes overnight, double their wins in 30 days, and are owners of fundamental knowledge that translates to EVERY Madden.

Become an owner now of the 12 fundamentals.