The Ultimate 180 Day Madden Training Camp

The Ultimate 180 Day Bootcamp Program

What’s Included

12 skills courses: Own 12 years of Manu’s mastermind knowledge in 12 courses. Unlock the never before seen secrets to boost your own schemes and thought process for offense or defense. 

Manu’s Virtual Coach: Manu’s all-new technological advancement. Works like “hey siri” but for Madden! Ask Manu any question on the app and get immediate feedback that you can hear and see. 

Weekly Group Coaching: The average person retains 20% of what they learn from a course. That number goes up to 75% when you practice what you learned. Manu will lead a 1 hour live session where we practice what you learned in the courses. 

50+ Hours Of Manu’s Film Breakdown: Madden is virtual chess: Go behind the scenes with Manu to understand how each fundamental is a chess strategy that works off other chess strategies.

Manu’s Master Gameplan: This is the premium version of an e-book. You not only acquire what Manu is running on offense and defense but how it all ties into the 12 fundamentals. 

1 on 1 Weekly Coaching With Manu: Great coaches aren’t great players. Great players aren’t great coaches. Manu is the only great player AND coach. In 10 years, he has coached over 260 beginners and comp players.

12 Skill Courses:

  1. The 9 Laws Everyone Must Know (9 Lessons, 75 Minutes)
  2. Create Your Offensive Scheme Overnight (18 Lessons, 124 Minutes)
  3. Create Your Defensive Scheme Overnight (9 Lessons, 66 Minutes)
  4. Connect Your Reads and Playcalling (6 Lessons, 74 Minutes)
  5. Perfecting Pocket Presence (Coming Soon)
  6. 30 Second Clock Formula For 30 Percent More Wins (7 Lessons, 46 Minutes)
  7. Close Em Out Offense (5 Lessons, 47 Minutes)
  8. The Secret Process For Caging any Play (8 Lessons, 72 Minutes)
  9. Close Em Out Defense (11 Lessons, 55 Minutes)
  10. User Lurk Pick For 6 Cyaaaaa (4 Lessons, 38 Minutes)
  11. Adjusting To The Adjustment On Defense *Advanced* (7 Lessons, 88 Minutes)
  12. Adjusting To The Adjustment On Offense *Advanced* (6 Lessons, 43 Minutes)

Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1: The 8 Fundamental Course Bundle (Normal Value: $500)

  1. Madden 101
  2. Route Combo Development
  3. Offensive Situational Playcalling
  4. Building Defensive Schemes
  5. Game Management 
  6. Double Your Redzone Efficiency
  7. Ultimate Offensive Obliteration 
  8. Ultimate Defensive Domination

Bonus #2: Personal Training Plans (Normal Value: $450)

Are you spending your limited Madden time wisely? Here is an untold truth for you: HOW you are spending your time is 1000x more important than wandering around with loads of free time but zero plan. 

The reason Manu asks you to invest ONLY 5 hours a week is because those next 5 hours you spend with us will be 10x more impactful to your game than your last 500 hours spent without us.

How is that possible? Well, imagine shooting 1,000 free throws but with no plan or idea of how to correctly shoot free throws. Those are HURTFUL reps because you develop bad habits from shooting incorrectly. 

Now imagine if you had a top-tier shooting coach to guide you through all the CORRECT steps before you shoot your 1,000 free throws. 

The training plans ENSURE that you are spending your EVERY second on activities and drills that are proven to boost your game. Manu wasted years on methods that did not work until he found the golden method to maximize your time and his.

14-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision in your Madden Academy investment. To do that, you need to be on the inside, not the outside. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it so I don’t expect you to invest in us without a “test-drive”. I have invested $113,400 and over 10,000 hours of my time to ensure I created the best possible systems and experience for you BUT only YOU can determine its value to you. For any reason whatsoever, if you aren’t happy with your investment you can email or reach out through discord/social media and say “Give me my money back.” I will personally reach out to you within 24 hours to process your refund. I am very confident though, based on all the tremendous feedback from our 253 members last year, that our programs will enhance your schemes overnight, double your wins in 30 days, and benefit you for a lifetime.

– Manu, Co-Founder Of The Madden Academy