The Competitive to Pro 180 Day Bootcamp

Whats Included?

12 Skills Courses, Weekly Group Coaching, 100+ hours of Pro Film,  Breakdown, and Manu’s Master Gameplan


Bonus #1: The 8 Fundamental Course Bundle (Normal Value: $500)

  1. Madden 101
  2. Route Combo Development
  3. Offensive Situational Playcalling
  4. Building Defensive Schemes
  5. Game Management 
  6. Double Your Redzone Efficiency
  7. Ultimate Offensive Obliteration 
  8. Ultimate Defensive Domination

Bonus #2: Personal Training Plans (Normal Value: $450)

Are you spending your limited Madden time wisely? Here is an untold truth for you: HOW you are spending your time is 1000x more important than wandering around with loads of free time but zero plan. 

$995 / year


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