Beginners Defense Mastery Course – Madden 24


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Beginners Defense Mastery Course Madden 24:

  1. Discover how you’ll unleash the hidden superpowers of all 29 defensive controls
  2. Learn the 7 broken controls you’re leveraging that’ll demolish any glimmer of hope you have at a defensive stop
  3. Unlock why 79% of the defensive controls are falsely misleading causing you those “FUCK THIS FAKE ASS FOOTBALL GAME” moments


  • Own the Pros/Cons Defensive Control Blueprint so you’re confident your button clicks are strategically sound and smart

Meet Manu – The Grandmaster Behind “Beginners Defense” Mastery Course For Madden 24:

  1. Manu is a 3x Professional Madden Champion
  2. Pros to beginner players hail him as the undisputed best Madden teacher
  3. Inventor of the “9 Spaces System” that simplifies Madden’s most complex skills like reads, playcalling, and adjustments