About Our Coaching Program

Learning from an online course, e-book, or video is not sufficient for some players. Questions can constantly pop up and without a coach readily available, the content will sometimes not be fully grasped

Imagine being a football player and having the opportunity to talk and practice with Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, or Sean Payton for an hour. This is the rare opportunity you have right now. As helpful as online resources can be, it does not compare to getting live one-on-one feedback from the best coaches in the world.

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In the notes section, please include any specific coaching topics, questions, or special requests you may have

What To Expect

If you have completed your online free evaluation quiz, please feel free to share that with your coach!

Once you have booked your appointment, you coach will reach out to you to go over meeting instructions for your session. Feel free to let them know your preference

Common Fears Or Objections


The benefits received greatly outweigh the costs. Our coaches will instantly recognize your weaknesses then have a simple plan ready to correct them. Then after the session, you can be confident you are focused on the right things to achieve your goals.

I am interested but at a later time

Do not wait. Not only will you become better at Madden but your life will become more stress-free. Come home from work or school confident you will have an enjoyable experience beating up on your opponents

Are Madden Academy Coaches the right fit for me?

Our team has worked with hundreds of players over several years in the same position as you. Whether you are new to Madden or are a high-level competitive player, Manu is well-versed in mentoring players of various skill levels.

busy schedule

We understand many people have limited time to play. Our coach, Manu, has a very flexible schedule. Wehave coaches available 7 days a week at almost any time.

I will forget what I learned

The Coaches will allow you to record any of your sessions with them. This will allow you to refer back to it as many times as needed and even take notes.

Will I actually get better from these coaching sessions?

They don’t understand what goes into developing a complete and unstoppable scheme based on their own strengths and preferred playstyle

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